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Potential reopening date

We are still waiting for a confirmed date from the government for reopening, we like the rest of the industry are planning that this date is the 4th July (this will be finally decided by the government this week we hope) This is obviously two weeks tomorrow, we do ask that nobody comes before this date. Letters will be going out next week to all current owners advising of all the procedures and rules that will be in place to allow us safe reopening. If you haven't received a letter before next weekend, please get in touch with us as there will be certain things that will have to be completed before you are allowed to return.

Thanks for all your support and here is hoping that they stick to their word and we will be all back together soon.

Posted on 19th June 2020

Quick update 14/6

This is just a quick update video to let you all know what we know and let you know what is going on behind the scenes, legislation wise and health & safety wise to enable you to return safely back to your caravans some time around the 4th July, science allowing for government to give us the green light.

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Posted on 14th June 2020

Sales visits allowed

A quick update to the crazy rules of lockdown.†

We have been given the green light to allow visits for sales. These will be by appointment only. Please contact the office to make appointments. Be aware that all facilities are still closed so no toilet facilities are available.

Please observe all social distancing rules whilst on site and whilst in caravans avoid touching things as much as possible. Hand sanitiser will be available at the office.

Please do not attend any appointments if you have any of the following symptoms -†

A high temperature†
A new continuous cough
A loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste.†

So basically you can visit someone elseís caravan to look at but not your own. This is still not allowed under present rules. This will hopefully addressed soon.

Posted on 2nd June 2020

Update 28th May after todayís announcement

We can see that we are now at Step 2 of the governments plan. Despite the efforts of the BH&HPA we still look like being considered for change at Step 3 which is due for consideration for July 4th.†

This is starting to get annoying as it looks likely that shortly you could (if we actually opened it) use our shop or possibly (waiting on clarification) come to look to buy a caravan. But crazily not actually visit your own never mind stay in it.†

I can see the points on both sides, our industry is perfect for open air social distancing and all units are privately owned so donít need cleaning between visits, so why not allow us back? The flip side is (and this is where I think we fail as a whole industry and not necessarily us) we attract people to travel away from home to smaller rural areas with lesser health care provision should the worst happen. Our argument that we have put forward is the majority of our customers live within 50 miles and if illness hit they could travel quickly back home to put themselves back in their own health care areas.

Iím sorry I cannot give better news but this is where we are at this moment in time.

Posted on 29th May 2020

BH&HPA Lobby Parliament to allow potential phased reopenings of Holiday Parks

There is currently a major push by the BH&HPA including meetings today with the DCMS after good comments towards Outdoor Holidays last week by the Deputy CMO Professor Van Tam.

Obviously there are no promises and this may be ignored but rest assured we are working hard as an association to push this lobby forward towards parliament.

Our hope is there will be some phased re-openings of Holiday parks soon. With that we are starting to make preparations that will protect both our staff and customers. We have installed a perspex screen in the office door and nobody will be allowed entry to the office and are marking queue lines outside to aid social distancing, any form of opening will be staged as the government allows. The Club, Laundry and Shop would remain closed for the time being.

As I said there are no promises but things are starting to look more hopeful.

Posted on 19th May 2020

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