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Christmas Clarification

We have just had clarification of the guidance from the BHHPA.

The Christmas bubble relaxations (up to three households, outside Tier 4) will only apply on Christmas Day. The guidance confirms for people in Tiers 1, 2 and 3: ‘Outside a Tier 4 area, you can stay in private rented accommodation, a hotel, hostel or B&B in England over Christmas, in line with the social gathering rules in your tier. This includes in a tier 3: Very High alert area between 24 and 26 December, as long as you are staying by yourself, or with other members of your household and it is necessary for the purposes of seeing your Christmas bubble on Christmas Day. If necessary, you can stay in private rented accommodation with members of your household, or your Christmas bubble.’ So, holiday parks and campsites in Tier 3 may reopen for customers from Tiers 1, 2 and 3 for the nights of 24 and 25 December, closing again on 26 December.
So basically it means that if you want to come as your single household you can come to your caravans for a small break at Christmas. Whilst here on Christmas Day you are allowed another 2 households to join you but they must not stay overnight.

Anyone who is wanting to come, we recommend you come as early as possible on Christmas Eve as the office is closing at 1.00 and only extreme emergency cover will be available after this.

Posted on 21st December 2020

Xmas Bubbles update

We have been given hope in the last week, green shoots of recovery are on the horizon with the news of the imminent rollout of the vaccine, we have been given further news. Whilst still awaiting on any decision to reduce our Tier we have been told that we will be allowed to open for the Xmas period, see the updated guidelines below.


Tier 3


In Tier 3, campsites and caravan parks must remain closed. They may not be open, other than to the usual exemptions such that no one is made homeless and if necessary for work, a funeral, house move, medical appointment etc.


Where planning and site licence allow, the regulations permit campsites and caravan parks in Tier 3 to open from 00.01 on 22 December to people staying alone or with other members of their household, or support bubble. However, the Christmas relaxations in travel advice (other than from Northern Ireland) do not commence until 23 December.


Christmas bubbles  may form, travel and stay from 00.01 on 23 December and depart before 23.59 on 27 December.


The travel relaxations end on 27 December, but the regulations permit (where planning and site licence allow) caravan parks and campsites in Tier 3 to remain open an extra 24 hours, until 23.59 on 28 December.


This additional 24 hours permitted either side of the Christmas bubble relaxations is explained in the Christmas guidance as follows: ‘In tier 3, in order to be located near your Christmas bubble, you can stay in a hotel between 22 and 28 December, as long as you’re staying by yourself or with other members of your household, or support bubble.’ The same applies to customers wishing to stay in caravan parks and campsites.


We just have to keep our fingers crossed that we get further news in the next few weeks.


To those not planning on coming back until next year, we would like to wish you a safe and Happy Christmas and all the best for a New Year and a fresh start and hope for a return to normality.


Gerard Ball on behalf of the Partners of Rawcliffe Hall

Posted on 4th December 2020

Tier 3 Lockdown Announcement

Well whilst waiting for the official announcement, we are being advised that all Lancashire is being placed in Tier 3. This is absolutely gutting as our area and the whole of North Lancashire has worked hard to drive the numbers down. But the government have treated us as a county as a whole. The ramification for this is the caravan park will remain closed by law at the end of the Lockdown on the 2nd until at least the 1st review on the 16th of December. 

Posted on 26th November 2020

Covid-19 Update regarding new Lockdown restrictions from 5th November

I said in March that these are unprecedented times. Sadly that has not been the case and we are again asked to consider not just ourselves but to the people of our country, the local community and on this park. We are having to make decisions and take actions which were last week unimaginable. We will be closed from the 4th November. We will be closed until the 2nd December, which is the date that the government have given us at this moment for the end of this lockdown period. We will keep the maintenance up so when the date comes we are ready to reopen immediately when that date comes. The government is expected to pass the laws today which are covered in the guidance regarding new restrictions from 5th November. Specifically the two sections that affect us are section 4 which covers closed businesses which we sadly come under. And section 12 which includes staying away from home overnight. We ask private owners on the park not to stay in or visit your holiday caravan at this time and to be sensitive towards the views and needs of the local community and NHS. The office will running shorter hours during this time we will be open between 9.00 and 1.00. If there is any reason why you cannot leave, you need to discuss that with us now. We ask private owners who are not on the park not to come here, and if you are on the park please go home. We are following the Government’s guidance so closing to protect you and wider society. We urge you to co-operate at this difficult time please.

Posted on 4th November 2020

Local Lockdown Restrictions

What does the new local lockdown restrictions mean

From Tuesday 22nd

Only one household in your caravan at any one time.

You can only socialise with people in your own household, this applies to all areas of the park, inside and outside caravans and inside and outside the club.

During the course of these restrictions we are having to reinstate the no visitors or guests rule.

Family and friends are able to use your caravan but only when you are not there.

We all need to play our part in this to prevent tougher restrictions being imposed.

It is our responsibility to look after our customers.

It is your responsibility to respect each other.

It is you who will be fined if caught breaking the lockdown rules.

Anyone constantly breaking the rules will be asked to leave the site.

Please bear with us whilst we consider our options with regards to the club, we will have to assess whether having to close by 10pm so basically last orders at 9pm and only one household per table if it is financially viable to open.

Posted on 18th September 2020

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